The Most Advanced and Experienced Periodontal and Dental Implant Practice in the Houston Area

Advanced Technology

Dr. Heaton invests heavily in advanced training and advanced technology to stay ahead of changes in the dental implant and periodontics field. Periodontics and dental implants have advanced more than any other discipline in dentistry.

CT Scan

One of the biggest advancements is our use of computerized tomography or CT scans. CT scans allow us to see a three dimensional view of where a dental implant will be placed. With a CT scan, we can measure to the fraction of a millimeter.

3D models help us formulate individualized treatment plans with greater surgical accuracy and more accurate placement of dental implants.

PiezoSurgery® – Bone Surgery with Ultrasonic Microvibration Technology

Our PiezoSurgery® equipment allows Dr. Heaton to utilize controlled, sophisticated ultrasounic microvibrations in the practice of Implantology and Periodontology. The device allows micrometric bone procedures with maximum surgical precision and intra-operative sensitivity. It also provides  precision work with minimal irritation to soft tissue, and maximum safety.  This advanced technology also provides a histological advantage with more favorable bone healing in the osseointegration process.