The Most Advanced and Experienced Periodontal and Dental Implant Practice in the Houston Area

Dental Implant Checklist

The advancements in technology in the periodontal and dental implant field are rapid. The learning curve is steep and the consequences of poor dental implant placement can be painful and expensive. Some dentists take a weekend course and then begin to place implants. Don’t be confused by dental providers who take weekend courses and claim to be dental implant specialists. There is a steep learning curve in periodontal disease, oral surgery and dental implants. Short cuts can be costly and can contribute to systemic disease and inflammatory load.

Dr. Heaton is a Board Certified Houston Periodontist and Dental Implant Surgeon. He has been in practice in Houston, Texas since 1985. Dr. Heaton has completed many years of advanced training in periodontics and dental implant surgery. He has personally placed over 6,000 dental implants. In addition, Dr. Heaton mentors other periodontists at the University of Houston Dental School at Houston on dental implant case studies, periodontology and advanced periodontal technology.

Three Questions To Ask Before Selecting a Dental Implant Surgeon

Here are questions to ask a potential dental implant surgeon before you choose to move forward with your dental implant treatment plan.

  1. How many years have you been placing dental implants?
  2. How many dental implants have you placed?
  3. How extensive was your dental implant training? Was it a weekend course from a dental implant manufacturer or did you receive your dental implant training from a formal Dental Education Center over months or many years?