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Socket and Ridge Preservation

Socket preservation after tooth extraction or tooth loss

After tooth extraction, the tooth socket can become compromised and the loss of some of the mandibular alveolar ridge bone can cause an indentation in the gums and jawbone where the tooth was extracted. Bone resorption can cause other teeth to move out of alignment.

When the socket is surgically restored, the bone remains firmly in place and is better prepared for dental implantation. Protecting sockets also helps to prevent a dry tooth socket that can expose nerves and compromise healing.

Ridge preservation after tooth extraction or bone loss in the jaw

Recent advancements in the materials and technology used in dental bone grafting allows Dr. Heaton to reconstruct lost bone through the use of synthetic particulate graft materials using 100% demineralized bone matrix and other bone substitutes. This innovative technology allows for precise implant restoration and helps to provide a stabile environment for dental implants.