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Crown Lengthening


Crown lengthening is a common periodontal procedure. Do you have a “gummy” smile because your teeth appear short? Your teeth may actually be the proper lengths, but they’re covered with too much gum tissue. To correct this, Dr. Heaton performs a dental crown lengthening procedure.

During the dental crown lengthening procedure, excess gum and bone tissue is reshaped to expose more of the natural tooth. This can be done to one tooth, to even your gum line, or to several teeth to expose a natural, broad smile.

Dr. Heaton may also recommend dental crown lengthening to make a restorative or cosmetic dental procedure possible. Perhaps your tooth is decayed, broken below the gum line, or has insufficient tooth structure for a restoration, such as a crown or bridge. Crown lengthening adjusts the gum and bone level to expose more of the tooth so it can be restored.

Crown lengthening procedures are often done in an outpatient setting (in Dr. Heaton’s Houston periodontal office) with local anesthesia. With proper care and hygiene, gum tissue heals quickly. You will be given oral pain reliever medication to help with any discomfort in the following few days after surgery.

It is recommended to avoid hot foods in the first 24 hours after surgery. Soft foods are recommended for the first few days. You will be given specific dental hygiene and brushing instructions at the time of your surgery.

Dr. Heaton and his staff will walk you through each step to make sure you are comfortable at all times and have all of your questions answered before and after the crown lengthening procedure.