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Board Certification and Advanced Training is Important

Hi. I am Dr. Barry Heaton, Board Certified Periodontist and Oral Surgeon. I specialize in dental implants and periodontics. It’s important for me that my patients know that I care deeply about their comfort, their dental health and their confidence in my training.

Today I want to talk with you about board certification, ongoing education and contributing to the advancement in periodontics.

Periodontists who want to take their expertise to the top of their field will be certified by the American Board of Periodontology and Dental Implant Surgery. This certification is only found in 20% of the periodontists in the Houston area. Certification means the periodontist has been examined by the leading periodontists in the United States and has demonstrated a knowledge level and clinical expertise about the average periodontist.

This examination is repeated every few years to ensure that the clinical skills and knowledge remains at the highest level. If a patient is seeking treatment from a periodontist for dental implants or periodontal surgery, it is important to ensure that board certification is present.

Advancements in the dental implant industry are rapid. I invest heavily in continuing education and keeping on top of advancements in the field of periodontics. I give back to the dental industry by teaching several times a year at The University of Texas School of Dentistry in Houston. Here, we go over complex case studies that I have experienced in my years of practice in periodontics and share insight and techniques along with implementation of new technologies and advancements.

I have written and published papers for the the Journal of Texas Dental Association and the Journal of the Greater Houston Dental Society. I was the lead author of a paper on a new genetic oral disease that affects adolescent gum and oral bone. We termed this disease pseudohypophosphastia (PsHYPT). I also wrote a series of papers that describes the link between cardiovascular disease and diabetes with periodontal inflammation. I am very passionate about educating my patients on oral health and how it connects to systemic health.