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How to Manage Periodontal Disease and Address Bone Loss

Advancements in periodontics and dental implants have advanced more than any discipline in dentistry. Surgical procedures have become more and more less invasive over the few last decades. Because of this, tenderness and discomfort for patients have been minimized.

As a Board Certified Houston Periodontist and Dental Implant Surgeon in practice since 1985, Dr. Barry Heaton has invested heavily in advanced periodontal training, advanced dental implant training and advanced dental technology. Over the course of his career to date, Dr. Heaton has placed over 6,000 dental implants.

When Dr. Heaton is referred a patient with periodontal disease he can, in most cases, stop or slow down the progression of bones loss caused by pathogenic bacteria. With today’s technology and materials, we are able to regenerate lost bone in most patients. Titanium dental implants have improved dramatically and now have a success rate of 95% and up.

The biggest advancement in technology is our use of 3D computerized tomography or  3D CT scans. These allow Dr. Heaton to measure the amount of bone regeneration needed within a fraction of a millimeter. 3D scans also provide a precise 3D model view allowing for more accurate placement of dental implants.

Your oral health is an important part of your overall wellness.  If you have been putting off your periodontal exam, now is the time to get started. The sooner the problems are addressed, the better the outcomes.

We look forward to providing you with affordable and comprehensive periodontal and dental implant treatments utilizing extensive Board Certified experience and advanced technology.